Imagine Him pressing32X on his system.The heat-dead molecules-virulently mobilized, realigninto suns and planets.Tiny space capsules emerge from themand move earthward.We leap up from our graves.Lizards creep into seas.The primordial soup unchurnsto split proteins into amino acids.Galaxies condense to asingle point mass, waitingfor an impulse to explodeand create lifeagain.


  Words as smooth as honey on spoon do not make full sense unless they are said quietly by the one you love in the backdrop of a full moon night while tracing with a finger the curve of your cheek.


Last night, from the next room of this hotel,I heard the sound of shattering glassin the middle of nowhere, followed bythe loud voice of a man and the stifled screamof a woman. When I placed my ear close to the wallI could hear curses, masked by the humming of a radio.I wished the wall separating […]