Last night, from the next room of this hotel,
I heard the sound of shattering glass
in the middle of nowhere, followed by
the loud voice of a man and the stifled scream
of a woman. When I placed my ear close to the wall
I could hear curses, masked by the humming of a radio.
I wished the wall separating us didn’t exist
so that they would stop quarreling at the sight of a stranger.

Today, from the next table of this restaurant
I saw her smile at the joke he just said.
As the soft music played, she held his hands in hers
while he loosened the grip around the wine glass.
After what seemed like an eternity,
they moved around the table a little closer.
She held a mysterious smile at the corner of her lips
and he hid tears behind his eyelashes.

The hotel was empty except for me and the couple.
I wish I had their children by my side to witness the scene.

Birthday note

It is my birthday today. I could be happy or sad. Happy because I have added one more year of celebration to my life. Sad because I am nearing death as every birthday passes by. I choose to remain happy- now and always.

I am most greatful to my parents. They not only gave me the gift of life but the unrelenting passion to live it fully. They taught me that the limit of my vision is not the limit of the world. A big thanks to you, dad and mom!
I have woken up healthy this morning. I am luckier than one million people who will not survive next week. I had my breakfast this morning. I am luckier than 50% of the world population who are underfed and 45% of the world population who are thirsty. I’m into a professional course and I belong to the elite 1% of the inhabitants of this planet who are privileged to have higher education. I’m lucky to be born into that part of the country where girl children are not mercilessly aborted or killed. I’m lucky to be born without any congental anomalies and lethal defects.
I understand that I am very very lucky.
A billion children went to sleep hungry last night. One hundred and fifty eight people lost their lives in the plane crash in Mangalore last week. In next 50 years my hometown will be submerged in the sea due to the ill effects of global warming. And I worry about being late to the college on my birthday.
It is easy to put yourself first. It is easy confine our thoughts to little things. But what takes guts is to stand for something bigger and something more important. On this birthday I have decided to make this world a better place to live in my own little ways.
My report cards never failed to mention my passion for vigorously exercising my vocal cords on a near constant basis. I get my voice heard everywhere. I let everyone know my opinion about anything under the sun and above it. On this birthday, I’ve chosen to remain a good listener than a worst speaker.
I shall work harder and longer to finish efficiently those tasks which are entrusted on me.
A trillion thanks to my real and virtual friends who wished me on my birthday.